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Top university graduates without jobs

In today’s world of mass unemployment and skyrocketing education, some students have resorted to questioning our capitalist system.

The problem many of these jobless graduates face is that employers are looking for candidates with specific attributes and qualifications without vacancies to match their skills.

So even though the labor market becomes more connected and digitally driven, there’s still a mismatch between what jobs are available and what talent requires. How can this be tackled?

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The Truth

It is safe to say that the most talented individuals in the field are being siphoned off by a system that prefers ordinary talent over superior ability. The talents that made America great job will continue to flow overseas because it won’t be limited here by a politically correct system.

Recent college graduates without jobs comprise a significant percentage when it comes to university unemployment. Forbes study estimates “one-third of them were unemployed six months later.”

This is not due to lack of educational background, but from forces out of their control such as outsourcing and strict immigration policies.

how to get a job after graduation

Students of colleges and universities are looking for summer job or a full-time position at the end of their program. But they often face disappointment as they find themselves competing with thousands of other graduates who, like them, want to start their career.

This article helps students in understanding how to gain skills that make them more employable so that they can win the race for jobs in their field.

Before you apply for any jobs – internship, full time – take some time to learn these things: languages, computer skills and content marketing methods. The new economy demands employers and needs qualified employees who are certain about their goals and can share with others what they would be like working at a specific company. But even if you plan to work after graduation, don’t put all your efforts into this time period: prepare yourself for the future!

Strategies of getting a job

There are different paths you can use to secure a job in whatever field you are interested in; you can get a masters degree in that field and find the items needed for work, or maybe pursue education in your desired field by taking more introductory and coursework classes.

If you want to excel in your desired field, then it would be best to do one of two things; first and easiest is to get a master’s degree. Another option is to go for some work experience wherein you learn more about the career path. But getting more education-based degrees may be useful depending on which field you want.

Job promising profession

Skills acquired in university is only one metric for employment. Things change so quickly that these skills are easily obsolete in time for them to be put into use, which might result with graduates not having any jobs or opportunities at all waiting just three years after graduation. Additionally, these types of jobs require specialization and other qualifications by themselves before being considered for something such as content generating positioning – some graduates will be much better in handling computers than others and so it may get too superficial to say that “programming is enough” for this job (when it’s


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